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Ehsan Ashrafi was born in 1st of December 1982 in Isfahan, city of arts and turquoise domes. He studied physics-mathematics to pre-university and then went to Tehran University and graduated in aerospace engineering in 2006.

Since adolescence, he had great attraction to Shams Tabrizi, Rumi and their love mysticism and has been professionally studying and investigating about their works for more than a decade.

Due to having interests in eastern schools of mysticism, he also investigated and practiced Taiji (Taichi) and Qigong (Chigong) from Taoism, and meditation from Buddhism and has found many common issues in them since the truth is the same though the ways might be different. In this way, he has benefitted many teachings from his Taiji master and spiritual brother, Abbas Hamzavi, Chen Taiji family generation. He also has experience of a decade of different meditations.

Ehsan Ashrafi is decided to provide you his understandings and personal experiments from works of Shams Tabrizi and Rumi, these two supermen mystics of Iran and the world’s history of mysticism that the great scholars of the world have bowed in respect in front of them. These mystics have seen from inside a single atom to the whole universe and have discovered governing rules of this world from atomic energy to quantum physics, the rule of action and reaction (Karma), the evolution, gravity, holograms, fractals, discontinuity of space-time etc.

Inside every single atom, there is a shining sun

Inside every single drop, there are a hundreds of flowing streams. (Rumi, Ghazal 1868)


This world is a mountain and our actions are sounds

The sounds will echo back to us. (Rumi, Masnavi)

Ehsan Ashrafi believes that Love, consciousness and wisdom are the only ways of saving people of this world from bad moral characters, war, opposition of the religions, Materialism, Nihilism, stress and emotional tensions, violence, terrorism and other diseases the world is suffering from. He will show you that how we can use mysticism and spirituality to solve today’s world problems and that the root of all problems of this world is due to the decay of ideas and destruction of spirituality.

Do not say that all are fighting and my peace is useless

You are not alone, you are a thousand, turn on your own light

For one vivid light is better than a thousand dead ones

A glorious stature is better than a thousand convex ones (Rumi, Ghazal 1197)

Mysticism, poetry, music and art are origins of Iran’s culture. They are root of the ancient Iran’s tree that the whole world can rest under it and benefit its fruits. Cyberspace and social networks provide us a unique opportunity to have access to a mass of information and knowledge, simply by a few clicks. Using bankroll of treasures of Iran (having Farsi language as a key to this treasure), we can have beneficial interaction with the whole world. Speech is the greatest miracle of the mankind. With a single word we can save a life. Spiritual intelligence is placed in all of us. We must awaken it in ourselves and saturate others from this endless sea.

Oh brother, you are made up of thoughts

The rest of you are bone and flesh

If your thoughts are flowers, you are a garden

And if they are thorn, you are firewood for the bathroom. (Rumi, Masnavi)


Let’s put hands in hands and send the message of love to the people of global village and spread the nature of Rumi in coexistence and peace of religions to the whole world. Let’s listen to the heavenly voice of Shams Tabrizi and Rumi’s reed and imitate the rotation of particles around the  nucleus, rotation of planets about the sun by doing the Sema. Ignite fire of love to ourselves to burn impurities. Following the instructions of Shams Tabrizi, Rumi and other mystics, we can clear the rusts from our mirror so that our heavenly soul starts shining.

Translations, interpretations and graphical works presented here, are all by Ehsan Ashrafi, unless it is stated. All of these works are copyrighted and you can share them only by mentioning the source and the names. All of these contents can be legally followed-up and is under the law of The Writers Rights.

Some of the works of Mr. Ehsan Ashrafi:

1- Understanding Flight. Translation from English to Farsi.

2- Introduction to space sciences and spacecraft application. Translation from English to Farsi.

3- My Dream of Stars, Biography of Mrs.Anousheh Ansari, the first Iranian Astronaut. Translation from English to Farsi.

4- The Art of living happily with Qigong. Translation from English to Farsi, cooperation with Master Abbas Hamzavi, Chen Taiji generation.

5- Spiritual Intelligence, from Management to Leadership. Translation from English to Farsi.