Masnavi Manavi Book ۱

Masnavi Manavi Book ۱

An Introduction to the Masnavi of Rumi

Introduction to the Book 1

Part 1 - Reed Letter

Part 2 - How the king fell in love with the sick handmaiden and made plans to restore her health

Part 3 - How it became manifest that the physicians were unable to cure the handmaiden, and how the king turned his face towards God and dreamed of a holy man

Part 4 - Beseeching the Lord, who is our Helper, to help us to observe self-control in all circumstances, and explaining the harmful and pernicious consequences of indiscipline

Part 5 - The meeting of the king with the saint whose coming had been shown to him in a dream

Part 6 - How the king led the physician to the bedside of the sick girl, that he might see her condition

Part 7 - How that saint demanded of the king to be alone for the purpose of discovering her malady

Part 8 - How the saint, having discovered the (cause of) the illness, laid it before the king

Part 9 - How the king sent messengers to Samarcand to fetch the goldsmith

Part 10 - Setting forth how the slaying and poisoning of the goldsmith was (prompted) by Divine suggestion, not by sensual desire and wicked meditation

Part 11 - The story of the greengrocer and the parrot and the parrot's spilling the oil in the shop

part 12 - Story of the Jewish king who for bigotry's sake used to slay the Christians

Part 13 - How the vizier instructed the king to plot

Part 14 - How the vizier brought the Christians into doubt and perplexity

Part 15 - How the Christians let themselves be duped by the vizier

Part 16 - How the Christians followed the vizier

Part 17 - Story of the Caliph's seeing Laylá

Part 18 - Explanation of the envy of the vizier

Part 19 - How the sagacious among the Christians perceived the guile of the vizier

 Part 20 - How the king sent messages in secret to the vizier

Part 21 – Explanation of the twelve tribes of the Christians

Part 22 - How the vizier confused the ordinances of the Gospel

Part 23 - Showing how these differences lie in the form of the doctrine, not in the real nature of the Way

Part 24 - Setting forth how the vizier incurred perdition (by engaging) in this plot

Part 25 - How the vizier started another plan to mislead the (Christian) folk

Part 26 - How the vizier refused the request of the disciples

Part 27 - How the disciples repeated their request that he should interrupt his seclusion

Part 28 - The refusal of the vizier to interrupt his seclusion

Part 29 - How the disciples raised objections against the vizier's secluding himself

Part 30 - How the vizier made the disciples lose hope of his abandoning seclusion

Part 31 - How the vizier killed himself in seclusion

Part 32 - How the people of Jesus—on him be peace!—asked the amírs, “Which one of you is the successor?”

Part 33 - The quarrel of the amírs concerning the succession

Part 34 - How honour was paid to the description of Mustafá (Mohammed), on whom be peace, which was mentioned in the Gospel

Part 35 - The story of another Jewish king who endeavoured to destroy the religion of Jesus

Part 36 - How the Jewish king made a fire and placed an idol beside it, saying, Whoever bows down to this idol shall escape the fire.

Part 37 - How a child began to speak amidst the fire and urged the people to throw themselves into the fire

Part 38 - How the mouth remained awry of a man who pronounced the name of Mohammed, on whom be peace, derisively

Part 39 - How the fire reproached the Jewish king